How Supermodels Stay Thin

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A lot of people wonder how supermodels stay thin. Are they freaks of nature? Following dangerous fad diets? Do they get plastic surgery? Do they have eating disorders? Are they battling drug addiction?

While it’s true that a lot of super models do take drastic and unsafe measures to keep their weight where they want it to be, many actually do follow just a basic simply balanced healthy diet and exercise program. A lot of stereotypes exist that every supermodel you see that is skinny has anorexia or bulimia. This is not always the case, though thousands of people battle with these diseases each year – most of which ironically are NOT supermodels. What happens is the media frenzy and celebrity gossip folks just eat it up and publish it on every blog and magazine cover if they find out that a famed model is battling with eating disorders – many people do not realize that their own neighbors or friends might be struggling just the same.

All of this comes down to one important thing: You shouldn’t try to look like a supermodel. You should be happy being who YOU are, no matter what it says on the scale or what you think you see in the mirror. For many people, this is not as easy at it seems.

When you are trying to lose weight, your objectives shouldn’t be “i want to look like famous so and so person” – your objective should be “I want to look great and feel great! I want to be healthy!”

If you want to stay thin then there’s only one thing you can do: eat right and exercise. Eating a balanced healthy diet and exercising regularly will do wonderful things for your metabolism. Eating foods that speed your metabolism may be helpful in getting yours back on track. Doing some high intensity aerobic exercises and strength training for a flat tummy will help you get there in a much safer and healthy manner than any fad diet you see there that all of Hollywood is enjoying.

If you want to be a supermodel, the good news is that not only thin models are getting contracts. Many magazines, such as the popular Seventeen magazine and YM for teenage girls have made it their policies to have more “realistic” looking people. That means that they are not perfectly skinny. They are healthy vibrant people with healthy attitudes – not starving themselves for the sake of being in a photo shoot and on the cover of a magazine.

Do you have any thoughts on how supermodels stay so thin? Share it in the comments below.

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