How Do You Measure Weight Loss Success?

Measuring weight loss success for many people comes down to standing on the scale everyday and seeing if the weight is more or less than it was the day or week before.

To me though, this seems like a very unproductive way to measure weight loss success. For one, our bodies weight can vary by the clothes we are wearing to how much water we drank to even the time of day we weigh ourselves. For second, weight does not always equate being skinny. You might be trading flab for muscles, which would make you leaner but not necessarily weigh less. Lastly, weighing yourself on a scale is a big way to lose weight loss motivation, especially if you’ve only lost a half pound after two weeks of solid diet and exercise.

For me, the proof of weight loss success is in the pants. Before I started dieting, I weighed around 180 lbs and I had to “squeeze” in a pair of size 18 jeans. After two or three weeks of dieting and exercise I was no longer squeezing in them, but they were comfortable and actually starting to feel baggy. It wasn’t before long I tried to fit in smaller sized pants and I was so excited that my old pants fit again!

Now I’m down to a size 11. I have no idea what I weigh.

The point is when measuring weight loss success is to stop caring about that scale. You don’t need it, and it doesn’t need you. Being able to fit into a smaller size and feeling your clothes become loose fitting is far more motivating than fretting over a half pound here and a few pounds there.

If you’ve become a scale watcher, I want you to take your scale and hide it away for a few months while you’re losing weight. Instead, keep trying to fit into those smaller sized pants. It’s the motivation that worked for me (I was NOT going to buy more pants in a bigger size!) and it might just work for you too.

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