What Are The Best Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat?

When it comes to losing weight, and targeting belly fat, the best foods to eat to lose belly fat will come in a variety of forms. High fiber foods, high protein, and lean protein foods, are all great options. You also have to look at the poly and monounsaturated fats you can get from nuts, oils, and other foods, in order to ensure you will get essential nutrients and fat as a part of the diet.

Lean Protein

Possibly the best foods to eat to lose belly fat will be in this category. Lean red meats, poultry, and fish are all great options. For vegetarians, foods like eggs are also high in protein. In addition to these, you can include protein shakes, and protein powders, as a part of the best foods to eat to lose belly fat in the lean protein category.

When you consume lean protein, it helps the body burn more fat; it will also target belly fat. You want to avoid fat on red meat, and other forms of fatty foods, when you are consuming foods in this category.

lean meat


Macadamia nut oil, olive oil, peanut and safflower oil, are some of the great choices to consider when you are looking for the best foods to eat to lose belly fat. The body needs fat, but it requires the right sources of fat; these poly and monounsaturated fats will actually work to target your belly fat, and fat on all areas of the body.

These options are also going to help reduce cholesterol levels, and help balance the healthy cholesterol in your body.

Of course heavy oil such as canola, lard, and other sources of fat should be limited, but the right fats are not only essential to your survival, they are also some of the best foods to eat to lose belly fat, and to help target weight loss in general.

Snack Items

If you want to snack in between your meals, you have to make the right choices in snacking. Nuts, natural peanut butter, Greek yogurt, these are some of the best foods to eat to lose belly fat, and should be consumed on a regular basis. Dark chocolate is also a great snack food, as the cocoa helps to promote fat loss, and helps with overall heart health.

You want to limit sugar intake when selecting these snacks, and you have to make sure you know what ingredients are in the foods you are eating. This will help you fight belly fat, target weight loss, and help keep you full, for longer periods of time.

greek yogurt

High Fiber Foods

Nuts are a great option, and leafy greens are also very high in fiber. So, even though you are consuming very few calories, you are going to find that a piece of chicken breast, with a large plate of salad, or side of broccoli, is going to provide a much better balance, as opposed to other side dishes you could consume.

Higher fiber is one of the best foods to eat to lose belly fat, due to the fact that it is going to help work as a filler, and the foods that are high in fiber, will help keep you full for longer periods of time after you eat a meal, meaning you are generally going to cut back in the total amount of calories that you are consuming each day. This will in turn work to help you burn more fat, and help you lose the weight in a shorter period of time.

broccoliWhen it comes to targeting belly fat, you have to work on the whole body, and focus on losing the fat in general. These are some of the best foods to eat to lose belly fat options, and should be consumed regularly as a part of your diet. By targeting fat loss in general, you are going to notice a slimmer frame, and will also notice that you will lose more weight around the midsection. Over time you are going to find it easier to target the fat loss to specific areas of the body, and to build a slimmer midsection, and overall lower body weight when you are dieting.

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